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    Voice of China campus tour in Taiwan, participants all in love with the stunning scenery on Hwa Kang.

    China famous singing show Voice of China held its Taiwan campus tour on Nov. 20th 7PM. Concert took place at the Hwa Kang Stadium, with the tide of people pouring starts from 3PM. The first 6 students in cue are CCU exchange students from China. Kung, Ling Chiu from the Chongqing, Southwest University said: I love Ang Lee form Voice of China, it’s so heartwarming and comforting to be able to closely watch familiar China singer’s performance in Taipei, it absolutely cures my homesickness.

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Chang Jung Christian University Shih Chien University Chia Nan University of Pharmacy and Science Tatung University
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Baseball Federation of Asia Corporate Entity Want-Taiwan Cross Strait Mutual Trust Foundation PwC Taiwan Cross-Strait Peace and Department Union
Chinese Society for Sustainable Education

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Changchun institute of Urban Planing & Design Shandong International Travel agency Zhuoer Education ACERA
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Shu Ren Education Group Beijing Aimer Lingerie co. SINO Maps Press Macao Polytechnic Institute
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The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council